New tube mill lines and machinery – quality, economical and fully supported in the USA

New tube mill lines and machinery – quality, economical and fully supported in the USA

New packing system for rollform line

Perrysburg, Ohio – Universal Tube & Rollform / Universal Controls Group i.e., Universal, a metalworking machinery dealer and controls manufacturer, has formed a technical partnership with ERWTech of Turkey to offer American manufacturers quality-built, affordable, new tube and pipe machinery that is fully supported out of Northwest Ohio, USA.

Universal’s contribution to the engineering and design process ensures the machinery is compatible and compliant with American mechanical and electrical standards. Custom engineered functions and additional features can be added to meet each customer’s production requirements. Recently, ERWTech and Universal completed a very unique material handling project; a roll formed part required nesting to reduce the footprint size. Universal worked hand-in-hand with ERWTech to create a servo-driven system that allowed for many stacking options for the customer to meet their specific packaging needs.

Machinery is tested by Universal at their Perrysburg, Ohio facility before shipping to the customer to ensure a quick and easy start-up. Universal recommends using their experienced team for installation management and electrical start-up. They can also provide operation and maintenance training. Common replacement parts and after-sale services are also available out of their Ohio warehouse to minimize downtime and keep future costs low.

Universal stocks new machinery at their warehouse, currently available is a new 250 KW high-frequency welder. Universal can easily convert the welder to 300 KW if needed. The welder comes complete with the main power supply cabinet, heat exchanger and powered X+Z axis for the head. Also, a new 89mm max OD high-speed flying cold saw recently arrived. The cold saw has already been tested and is ready to ship as soon as needed. Contact Universal for a quote on the new machinery they have for sale at 1-419-872-2364.

Arriving later this year will be a new 89mm max OD tube mill line with double uncoiler, shear & end welder, accumulator, high-frequency welder and a high-speed flying cold saw. This line is not expected to last long on the market, Universal recommends inquiries to be requested now. Contact Universal to discuss your requirements or schedule a visit to their warehouse to view machinery in-stock.

Gearbox Repairs, Rebuilding and Replacements for Tube Mills and Rollformers

Gearbox Repairs, Rebuilding and Replacements for Tube Mills and Rollformers

tube mill gearboxes


Specializing in tube mills and rollformers for 35+ years, you can rely on our expert mill mechanics for quality and cost-effective gearbox repairs. We service most tube mill and rollformer gearbox brands including Yoder, Abbey Etna, Drive-All and Cone Drive.

gearbox repairs and rebuilding


Some of our gearbox services include disassembly, cleaning, inspection, replacing bearings and seals, reassembly and painting. If during the inspection we find any broken or worn gears we will quote them on a T&M basis.

rebuilding gearboxes with no downtime


If you think you have a problem, don’t wait until it’s too late. We can repair one or two gearboxes at a time which could allow you to continue running your machinery while we are rebuilding. This option may not work for every tube mill or rollformer, contact us to discuss your options.

new replacement gearboxes


Some gearboxes cannot be rebuilt if the OEM is no longer available. Universal is an authorized Cone Drive distributor and can provide a custom solution to replace gearboxes that can no longer be serviced.

Meet John Pavlica, Engineering Quality Control and Parts Sales

Meet John Pavlica, Engineering Quality Control and Parts Sales

John Pavlica

We are excited to welcome John Pavlica to our team! When you buy a new machine from Universal, John will be handling your requests for replacement parts. We offer common replacement parts in-stock such as new solid-state welder MOSFET boards, encoders, timing belts, pulleys and more. Contact John for your parts via email or call 419-872-2364.

With over thirty-five years in electrical engineering, John’s experience will help us in many other areas of our business, he will be hands-on with control panels and drive systems and can help out wherever needed.

John is a great guy and we are lucky to have him join our team!

In-stock, economical, custom and fully supported rollform lines

In-stock, economical, custom and fully supported rollform lines

Universal can reconfigure, upgrade and integrate equipment on our floor to create a custom line to produce your specific part. We stock a large inventory of rollformers and line equipment that can be sold as-is or with additional options including reconditioning, new controls, drive system, warranty and more. Contact us to discuss your requirements 1-419-872-2364.

View before and after photos of a custom rollforming line we put together below:



New welder system for tube mill installed and running in just 36 hours

New welder system for tube mill installed and running in just 36 hours

New Tube Mill Welder Installation

Universal was on-site at a customers’ plant to service an existing welder that suddenly stopped working. The plant was in dire need to have a working welder in a short time period due to production requirements. Universal’s teams evaluated their system and upon obtaining the results, it was decided by the customer to replace the existing equipment with a completely new welder system.

Typically a new welder purchase can take up to 8 weeks or more to be built, shipped, installed and running. Thankfully Universal had a new ERWTech welder on their floor that was ready for immediate shipping and installation. Our experienced technicians removed the existing system, installed and completed the start-up of the new welder in just 36 hours from their initial visit.

New High Frequency Welder Installation

Universal handles U.S. sales and support for ERWTech machinery and carries in-stock high-frequency welders, cold saws, and standard replacement parts for customer inspection or immediate purchase. Contact Universal for more information about the machinery and services we offer.

*Periodically sells out, please contact us for availability or sign up for our email newsletter to receive updates on our inventory.