New High-Frequency Welder Installed & Running in Record Time.

New High-Frequency Welder Installed & Running in Record Time.

Perrysburg, Ohio, USA – Team, Universal Controls Group and Universal Tube & Rollform, recently installed a new ERWTech high-frequency solid-state welder in less than one week from the time of purchase. Our machinery sales division, Universal Tube & Rollform, sold the in-stock UCG/ERWTech Welder, and Universal’s team got to work immediately to arrange the start-up making the rapid turn-around possible.

The new welder was purchased by LP Tube Industries, in Arizona, to replace a welder on one of their tube mill lines. The new welder was loaded on a truck the day of purchase, and Universal’s team of engineers and field installers hit the road to meet it there. When the welder arrived, Universal’s team finished the install promptly and remained on-site until the tube mill line was running again.

LP Tube Industries New Welder Installed

“Universal’s team came through for us at LP Tube. From their engineering team, in-stock replacement parts, to around the clock technical support, Universal is a company we can depend on.” – Scot Edwards, LP Tube Industries

Universal handles U.S. sales and support for ERWTech machinery and carries in-stock high-frequency welders, cold saws, and standard replacement parts for customer inspection or immediate purchase. Contact Universal for more information about the machinery and services they offer.

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Tube Mills & Rollformers

Contact us with your tube, pipe, and roll form machinery needs. Visit our website to view our entire inventory of tube mills, roll formers, high-frequency welders, cut-offs, end formers, accumulators, shear & end welders, uncoilers, straighteners, slitting lines and much more.

UCG Controls & Drive Systems

Contact us for new control panels, drive systems, length control systems, and other industrial machinery components manufactured by Universal Controls Group. UCG can retrofit your existing machinery to optimize your production capabilities.

Reconditioning & Upgrades

Contact us for equipment repairs, upgrades, or if your production needs change. Universal can recondition, repair, upgrade, or even reconfigure your current machinery to the most exact specifications. From single gearbox repairs to reconditioning entire production lines, we are here to help.

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Complete 3” (76mm) Abbey Etna Tube Mill Line Upgraded in 2016

Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment, a worldwide supplier of tube, pipe, and roll form machinery, has available for sale a complete 3″ (76 mm) Abbey Etna tube mill line. This line can be inspected on-site in the United States by appointment only.

Universal upgraded the line in early 2016 using new, used and rebuilt equipment. Re-work of the Abbey Etna 3X tube mill included all new bearings, seals, re-worked side closers in addition to some replacement spindles. Universal Controls Group manufactured and integrated into the line new AC drive motors and a new AC vector control system.

Entry Equipment

The entry section of this line includes a 5-ton jib crane, 5-ton Littell double uncoiler, Kent floop accumulator, and a new in 2016, Kent model PMA-135 shear & end welder.

Welding Section

Universal custom-built the welding section in 2016 with a new 2-roll weld box, new EPU (seam guide), new double scarfing unit, and automatic quick lift tool holders. Also installed new in 2016, was a 300 KW high frequency, solid-state welder complete with heat exchanger.


The line concludes with a single-cut Betaram cut-off, runout table, and a new U-TRAK length control system. The U-TRAK delivers more accurate cuts on the fly to increase line speed, reduce scrap, extend blade life and overall improve productivity.

View the complete specifications for this line or submit a quote request for more information. If you would like to schedule an appointment to inspect this line under power, please contact Universal at: +1 (419) 872-2364 or

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New Tube Mill Controls and Drive Systems

New Tube Mill Controls and Drive Systems

Universal Controls Group specializes in tube mill controls and drive systems for the industrial metalworking industry. Our systems are manufactured at our shop in Perrysburg, Ohio, and built with quality brands including ABB, Allan-Bradley, B & R, Eaton, and Siemens. Along with tube mill controls and drive systems, we also build die accelerators, servo feeders, encoder stands, and other accessories that we can retrofit to machinery.

Also available are re-power systems for tube mills and roll forming lines. Re-power systems come equipped with (all new): 480 Volt AC variable speed drive system including all control components, push-button console, remote jog pendant, emergency-stop station, optional AC inverter duty motor and complete AutoCAD drawing package.

Universal Controls Group can offer you a complete turn-key system from initial design to start-up. Located under one roof with Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment, a leading machinery dealer, enables us to offer a wide array of cost-efficient services, unmatched by others. Together we can help increase the productivity of your line while keeping your investment low.

tube mill controls and drive systemsroll former controls and drive systems

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New Tube Mill Line For Sale

New Tube Mill Line For Sale

Universal Tube & Rollform, Kent Corporation, Yoder of the Formtek Group and Universal Controls Group (UCG) have joined forces to offer tube producers a rafted 3.125″ (80 mm) new tube mill line. The tube mill will be built at Formtek’s facility in Cleveland and integrated with new line electrics by UCG. This line also includes a new Kent entry system, a new welder out of Universal Tube and a new high-speed flying cut-off from of UCG.

Kent Entry System:

New entry equipment supplied by Kent includes a 10,000 lb. double uncoiler, shear & end welder and their widely popular horizontal accumulator.
New Kent Strip AccumulatorNew Kent Shear and End Welder

Yoder Tube Mill:

Driven Spindle Diameter: 2.5″ (63.5 mm)
Tube Diameter Range: 1″ (25 mm) – 3.125″ (80 mm)
Wall Thickness Range: .032″ (.8 mm) – .134″ (3.4 mm)
Maximum Shapes Wall Thickness: .120″ (3.0 mm)
Welding Speed: 65 – 300 FPM (20 – 90 MPM)
New Yoder Tube Mill

Forming Mill:
Entry Guide Roll
(4) Driven Breakdown Stands with Single Point Adjustment
(3) Driven Fin Stands with Single Point Adjustment
(7) Idle Side Roll Units

Sizing Mill:
(4) Driven Sizing Stands with Single Point Adjustment
(4) Idle Side Roll Stands
8-Roll Turkshead Unit

The new Yoder tube mill covers the common size range for tube producers with an OD range of 1″ – 3.125″ (25 – 80 mm) and a wall thickness range of .032″ – .134″ (.81 – 3.4 mm). The forming and sizing mills are rafted for fast roll tooling changeovers and equipped with single point adjustment for quick set-ups.

New Tube Mill Welder

Welding Section:

In the welding section is a new 300 KW high frequency solid state San Feng welder from Universal Tube & Rollform. The high frequency welder is equipped with a main transformer, heat exchanger, output cabinet, rectifier cabinet and operator cabinet. Also included in the welding section is a 3-Roll Weld Pressure, Double Bead Scarf Remover, Ironing Roll Stand and 20′ Coolant Zone.

Drive Section:

UCG will supply a state of the art new mill control system that will not only control the tube mill but integrate the complete line. The motors will be controlled by AC vector drives and the system will feature an Allen Bradley PLC and ABB ACS 880 drives. Two touch screen control pods will be included.

Forming Motor: 75 HP/56 KW AC Motor
Fin Motor: 75 HP/56 KW AC Motor
Sizing Motor: 100 HP/75 KW AC Motor

New Tube and Pipe Cut-Off

High-Speed Flying Cut-Off:

UCG will also include a new 3″ (76 mm) OD high-speed flying cold saw equipped with the revolutionary U-TRAK Length Control System. This Cold Saw will be featured at the upcoming Fabtech show this November. Stop by our booth for a preview.

This tube mill line is available for sale from Universal Tube of Perrysburg, Ohio, USA. We have been a world-wide supplier of new and used tube mills, pipe mills and rollform machinery for over 35 years, and we offer one of the largest selections of used metalworking machinery in stock than you will find anywhere in the world. This collaboration was designed to better serve the requirements of an ever-growing and diverse customer base. For more information on this tube mill line please contact us at (419) 872-2364 or you can request a quote here.

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