If you have been thinking of selling, here are some recommendations to get the most value out of your machinery.

When to Sell
It is common for metalworking machinery to go from being used heavily every day for many years to sitting idle in storage when your production needs change. When do you sell? Machinery should be sold as soon as it has served its purpose to get the most value out of it. Storing unused machinery for long periods will decrease the value and take up space. When you discover that your equipment is taking more than it is giving out, it makes sense to sell.

Our mailing list is updated daily maintaining thousands of tube & pipe producers, rollforming manufacturers, steel processors and used equipment dealers world-wide. We have the resources available to sell your surplus equipment as quickly as possible for a fair price. Read on as we outline your options to derive the most value out of your surplus equipment.

Immediate Cash Buy
Send us pictures and information about your tube mill, rollformer or other machinery to [email protected]. We will provide an offer for your machinery and, if accepted, you will receive payment before removal.

Auction Sale
If you are closing a production plant with tube, pipe and rollform machinery all you need to do is contact us. Who better to help liquidate than a global company with the customer database you require to advertise and sell your machinery fast and at a fair price. We will work with you to determine the best way to get the top dollar you need and will bring in specialists to help get the job done. We can handle the entire process or just as much as you need us to.

Our team will work to help you get the best price for your equipment. You have the option to keep the machinery at your facility or ship it to our warehouse where we can clean, paint and show it to potential customers on your behalf.

You can trade-in your unused machinery for equipment you can use today. Contact us to explore possibilities.

We build retrofit repower packages that can upgrade your surplus machinery to put it back in operation. We can quote you a complete or partial upgrade according to your application and budget.