New 11.8″ (300 mm) ERWTech/UCG Rolling Mill

Stock #: 3926

YEAR: 2021

Maximum Strip Width: 11.8″ (300 mm)
Maximum Thickness to be Reduced: .118″ (3 mm)

(2) Motors, 2 HP (1.5KW) each

The cold rolling process reduces the thickness of the material before entering the tube mill for increased yields, tighter tolerance, refined surface and improved mechanical properties. During the cold rolling process, when the metal is put under mechanical stress, it causes a permanent change to the crystalline structure of the metal. This causes an increase in it’s strength and improves corrosion resistance.

Universal Warehouse, Perrysburg, Ohio

Quality-built machinery from ERWTech and services from UCG offers new tube mill lines that are dependable, affordable, and fully supported out of NW Ohio, USA.

Services provided by UCG include start-up and commissioning, installation management, training for your staff, in-stock common replacement parts for quick delivery, technical support, maintenance and more.

New high-frequency tube mill lines are available with uncoiler, shear & end welder, strip accumulator, rolling mill, solid state high-frequency welder, high-speed flying cold saw, automatic packing system and more.

New Tube Mill Line Equipment

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