tube mill gearboxes


Specializing in tube mills and rollformers for 35+ years, you can rely on our expert mill mechanics for quality and cost-effective gearbox repairs. We service most tube mill and rollformer gearbox brands including Yoder, Abbey Etna, Drive-All and Cone Drive.

gearbox repairs and rebuilding


Some of our gearbox services include disassembly, cleaning, inspection, replacing bearings and seals, reassembly and painting. If during the inspection we find any broken or worn gears we will quote them on a T&M basis.

rebuilding gearboxes with no downtime


If you think you have a problem, don’t wait until it’s too late. We can repair one or two gearboxes at a time which could allow you to continue running your machinery while we are rebuilding. This option may not work for every tube mill or rollformer, contact us to discuss your options.

new replacement gearboxes


Some gearboxes cannot be rebuilt if the OEM is no longer available. Universal is an authorized Cone Drive distributor and can provide a custom solution to replace gearboxes that can no longer be serviced.

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