Retrofit Controls Upgrade

Update your machinery to the latest technology to expand capabilities and improve performance with our quick and economical retrofit kits.

Removing machinery from production to have it upgraded is out of the question for most manufacturers. UCG retrofit kits are a quick and cost-effective solution to updating machinery with minimal downtime.

• Increased production speed
• Increased safety
• Ability to add-on current and future needs
• Reduced maintenance and downtime
• Gives new life to old machinery
• Ergonomically and user friendly

• Design the system
• Program the PLCs
• Program the touch screen
• Build the enclosures
• Assist with the retrofit, startup and training

Hardware: (Varies with machine type)
• Main control panel with motor control and PLC system
• Operator station with a 8″ color HMI screen and 22mm operators
• 480V AC variable speed drive system
• Push-button console
• Remote jog pendant
• E-STOP station
• Complete AutoCAD drawing package
• Optional AC inverter duty motor

U-Trak Length Control System
This closed-loop system uses a controller to automatically synchronize the die set speed with that of the part, ensuring optimal cutting efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance for both new and existing machinery.
• Greater Accuracy
• Reduced Scrap
• Increased Speeds
• Batch Control
• Longer Blade Life
• Blade Width Compensation

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