New UCG U-Trak Length Control System

Stock #: U-TRAK

This closed-loop system uses a controller to automatically synchronize the speed of the die set with that of the part, ensuring optimal cutting efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance for both new and existing machinery. Multiple batch control and cutting parameters can be set to minimize the need for operator intervention.

 Increased Line Speeds
 Greater Accuracy with Reduced Scrap
 Longer Blade Life
 Batch Control with on the Fly Changes
 Blade Width Compensation
 Touch Screen Operator Interface
 Quick and Easy to Install
 Fully Supported by our team out of NW Ohio

U-Trak TW – 110 FPM
U-Trak 1 – 150 FPM
U-Trak 2 – 225 FPM
U-Trak B – 450 FPM
U-Trak HD – 100 FPM