New Tube Mill Welder Installation

Universal was on-site at a customers’ plant to service an existing welder that suddenly stopped working. The plant was in dire need to have a working welder in a short time period due to production requirements. Universal’s teams evaluated their system and upon obtaining the results, it was decided by the customer to replace the existing equipment with a completely new welder system.

Typically a new welder purchase can take up to 8 weeks or more to be built, shipped, installed and running. Thankfully Universal had a new ERWTech welder on their floor that was ready for immediate shipping and installation. Our experienced technicians removed the existing system, installed and completed the start-up of the new welder in just 36 hours from their initial visit.

New High Frequency Welder Installation

Universal handles U.S. sales and support for ERWTech machinery and carries in-stock high-frequency welders, cold saws, and standard replacement parts for customer inspection or immediate purchase. Contact Universal for more information about the machinery and services we offer.

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