14 Ton CUSTOM 2-Hit High Speed Tube End Former

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Tonnage: 22 Tons (Based on 2″ Crank Dia., Main)
Stroke: 2″
Clamping Via Air Toggle Clamp, One at Each Station
Overall Length of Part: 6″ Minimum, 30″ Maximum
Type of Feed: Turret, Driven by 1/4 HP Electric Motor
Interlocked with Press
Single Back Geared Machine Mechanical Clutch, Knife Type
Speed: 60 SPM (Calculated)

This is a Unique Horizontal Press Type Tube & Small Wire Diameter End
Former. Parts Are Fed Into The Machine From A Gravity Magazine Rack. A
Rotating Turret Picks Up a Part & Rotates Down To The First Station For
The First Blow, Then Rotates It To The Second Station Where It Is Struck
a Second Time. Therefore, Producing a Finished Part Each Machine Cycle.

Motor Data: 1 HP, 220/440/3/60 – 1800 RPM
Condition: Very Good

Overall Dimensions: 6′ x 3′ x 7′
Approximate Weight: 3,000 Lbs.

LOCATION: Universal Warehouse, Perrysburg, Ohio